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Chiropractic Care in the Opioid Epidemic

Amidst the ongoing opioid epidemic in British Columbia and across Canada, there is a pressing need to address the elevated rates of opioid-related deaths and harms. The Public Health Agency of Canada's surveillance data since 2016 highlights the severity of this public health crisis, affecting not only those who use substances but also their families and communities (1). Specifically, a total of 7,328 apparent opioid toxicity deaths occurred in 2022 (January-December). This is an average of 20 deaths per day. The over-prescription of opioid medications without sufficient evidence of efficacy is one of the contributing factors to this devastating situation (2).

Recently, The Lancet published a study underscoring the ineffectiveness of opioids in managing acute non-specific low back pain or neck pain (3). The study revealed no significant difference in pain severity when compared to a placebo, challenging the frequent use of opioids for these specific conditions. This finding calls for a paradigm shift in how we approach pain management.

Chiropractic care

In light of these revelations, there is a growing demand for low-risk, evidence-based alternatives to opioid treatments. Chiropractic care emerges as a promising solution, offering a drug-free, non-invasive, and hands-on approach to musculoskeletal (MSK) treatment and pain management.

By opting for chiropractic care, patients can find relief from chronic pain without the potential risks associated with opioids. It provides a comprehensive approach, taking into account various factors such as posture, lifestyle, and overall health, to address the root causes of pain and improve overall well-being.

As the opioid epidemic devastates communities, exploring safe and effective treatment options like chiropractic care becomes crucial. By leveraging evidence-based practices and promoting non-invasive treatments, chiropractors can play a vital role in combatting the opioid crisis in British Columbia and beyond. Through this integrative and patient-centred approach, chiropractic care offers hope for a healthier and pain-free future for those suffering from musculoskeletal pain.


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