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Herbs and Minerals


Patient-Centred Treatment

Naturopathic Medicine is medicine that treats the whole person and addresses the root cause of imbalance by supporting the natural healing processes of the individual. From illness treatment to disease prevention and promotion of quality of life, Naturopathic Medicine can help everyone. Naturopaths are primary health care practitioners who take the time to collect comprehensive health histories, provide accurate diagnoses, formulate detailed treatment plans, and follow up to ensure their patients' progress.

At Brix Wellness, our Naturopathic Physicians see people of all ages and health concerns including:


  • digestive complaints

  • hormone imbalances

  • food and seasonal allergies

  • sports medicine and injuries

  • metabolic disorders

  • fatigue

  • stress and anxiety

  • depression

  • post-concussion syndrome

  • cardiovascular concerns

  • pediatric health

  • weight management

  • pain

  • osteoporosis

  • skin conditions

Naturopathic Medicine: Services
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