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Kelsi Mitzel Brix Wellness Kelowna

Kelsi Mitzel

Student Massage Therapist

Kelsi is originally from Luseland, Saskatchewan, but has been in Kelowna for 6 years now. She has a background in Kinesiology, completing her Bachelor's of Human Kinetics in 2021, and is now studying Massage Therapy at First College in Kelowna.

At Brix, Kelsi is currently offering $90 one-hour ‘Relaxation Massages’, while she is an RMT student. Please note that these appointments can not be billed to insurance, and the full cost must be assumed up front by the patient. You'll also find Kelsi running the clinic's front desk on Saturdays! 

In her spare time, Kelsi loves taking her dog, Todd, for hikes and paddle boarding, spending time with friends, and being outside. 

Kelsi Mitzel: TeamMember
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