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Brandon Lewis

Registered Massage Therapist

Brandon Lewis graduated from First College Massage Therapy program in Kelowna in August 2022. Brandon previously worked in construction management in both commercial and residential projects in Kelowna. His decision to re-educate and pursue massage therapy was motivated by a passion for sports and more specifically the human expression of movement.


For Brandon, massage therapy offers a hands-on, movement-based approach to healing and recovery. He takes a blended approach to massage that focuses on evidenced-based results while honoring traditional and contemporary massage styles to create a holistic healing experience. His current methodology contains a mix of Swedish, Myofascial, and Functional Release Therapy techniques. Brandon's goals are to create a safe environment where the patient experiences a sense of health and wellness, and to team up with the patient to create a collaborative path back to doing what they love and mitigating re-injury.


Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children outside of work, including camping, adventuring, and watching/coaching his children's sports. He enjoys biking, running, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and skiing.

Brandon Lewis: TeamMember
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